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  • Meet Our Office Suppliers: AV & Lighting

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  • Our new Clerkenwell office doubles as our showroom for products from some of our favourite suppliers, and our audio-visual elements and lighting are some of our most interesting features.

    With innovation and function working together at every level of our office design, we’re highlighting the pieces which connect our office through sound and light, bringing together our working community within the space.

  • Atrium Lighting

    Arrangements – Line, Broken Line, Square & Round – Fitting our style perfectly, these statement light features hang elegantly in the atrium space above our ground floor agile area, juxtaposing lines and curves, apparent fragility and solid craftsmanship, and even evoking the ‘ok’ of Oktra. Each set of suspended modular lamps emits a warm, diffused light, adding a sculptural element that brings a sense of presence into the space.

    Statement light features above our ground floor agile area.


    Audio Visual system – Our long-term partners at DCPM tailored their approach to the audio-visual systems in our office exactly to our needs. We relocated the speaker units from our previous workspace to increase our sustainability, and recalibrated their position in our new office to accommodate for the acoustic challenges of filling the atrium space and first floor with evenly distributed sound for sound masking, events and announcements.

    Projection system – The projection set-up in our ground floor agile/events area is entirely new, attached to the ground floor ceiling with a neat custom-built fixture. The nearby tablet hub, while allowing for sound to be played at different volumes across different regions of the workspace, also links to the projector to ensure that, whether for a movie night or a town hall meeting, every person in the space is included.

    Meeting Room AV systems – Each of the meeting rooms in our new workspace is now fully equipped for video-conferencing. With Logitech equipment and the integration app VIA installed throughout, all of our staff members are able to connect their computer and share screens easily during digital meetings, while the high-quality speakers and cameras in each set-up ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

    Meeting room fully equipped for video-conferencing.

    Synergy Lighting

    LED Pendant Sombrero Arc – Stepping into our ground floor, you’ll find Synergy’s Sombrero Arc sweeping round from your left to lead you into and throughout the space. Our office design concept of openness and honesty rings true in the second ‘O’-shaped light sculpture and the clear through-lines encouraged by the lights’ designs. These two fittings really pull the whole space together, and are a regular talking point with clients and visitors.


    Lightcycle Morph – These innovative LED light solutions mimic our daily rhythms by morphing with natural light fluctuations throughout the day, and their magnetic and slide-touch technologies mean they’re just as intuitive to operate. Their Heat Pip feature traps a tiny water droplet inside a vacuum-sealed copper tube, drawing heat from the bulbs, meaning the lights last longer and give off the same high-quality brightness for years.

    Intra Lighting

    Zoe Pendant Lighting – Our phone booths and meeting rooms are lit by the playful, mix-and-match variations on Intra Lighting’s Zoe pendant lights, their contrasting poppy corners and shapes meaning they look great whether they’re on or off. Alongside these sculptural elements, the direct and sustainable LED lighting helps create a welcoming and visually entertaining work environment, whether for focused work or collaboration.

    Intra Lighting’s Zoe pendant lights in one of our phone booths.

  • To learn more about the products featured throughout our workspace, take the virtual tour at the end of our office case study. For more information on how we’re continuing to operate safely during COVID-19, please visit our resources page.

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