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  • Meet Our Office Suppliers: Glazing, Partitions and Store Walls

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  • Our new office features products from some incredible suppliers – here’s a closer look at some of their products and how they fit in our workspace.

    Designed to support our teams in everything they do, our Clerkenwell office also acts as a showroom featuring some key products from our incredible supply chain partners. The glazing, partitions and store walls from Komfort, LT Smart and Spacestor help create a work environment that’s as striking as it is functional. From switchglass to customisable storage walls, we’re walking you through some of the key components of our new Clerkenwell office – and introducing you to the suppliers who make them.

  • Komfort

    We’ve used Komfort’s Frameless Glass Doors throughout our office.

    Frameless Glass Doors – Komfort’s Frameless Glass Doors come as either single or double doors and can be pivoted, hinged or sliding. The seamless finish creates uninterrupted views and maximises natural light. We used Komfort’s Frameless Glass Doors throughout our office.

    Kross Glaze 600 – This market-leading glazing has a distinct contemporary Art Deco feel, adding dimensional style to open plan spaces. The Kross Glaze 600 has a considerable amount of design flexibility, making it a perfect fit for a wide range of indoor environments. Our Radiant meeting room features Kross Glaze 600 glazing.

    Polar 30 Single Glazed Partitioning – A 30mm-wide single glazed system, Polar 30 comes straight, faceted or curved and can be used in a variety of ways to elevate any space. This glazed partitioning features minimal trackwork and frameless bubble joints to give the impression of floating glass. We used it in a hot office on our ground floor, as well as the Asscher meeting room on the first floor.

    Polar 54 Single & Double Glazed Partitioning – This 54mm-wide system comes in different configurations, including a slimline double glazed option. With performance at its core, the Polar 54 creates a perfect design solution for trends in narrow-gauge glazed partitioning. We’ve used this double glazed partitioning in our Pampel meeting room on the ground floor.

    Inside the Radiant meeting room, which features Komfort’s Kross Glaze 600 glazing.

    Polar 100 Double Glazed Partitioning – Polar 100 is Komfort’s 100mm double glazed system. This partitioning is perfect for creating quiet or private spaces within open plan workspace. We’ve used it in the phone booths in our London office in order to create spaces for more focussed individual work, as well as in our Trillion boardroom on the ground floor.

    Sonik Doors – Acoustic glazed doors that can be used with any of Komfort’s partitioning systems, the Sonik Doors have an automatic drop-down seal that maintains acoustic integrity. These doors are designed for easy installation and built to last well into the future. Our office features Sonik Doors in the Navette meeting room on our ground floor, as well as our boardroom and all of our phone booths.

    Sonik Slide – These sliding doors are a perfect way to optimise space and are set within their own frameless glass partition. We’ve featured this acoustic pocket double glazed sliding door in the Pendeloque office on the ground floor.

    SwitchGlass – Komfort’s SwitchGlass creates a versatile work environment that can offer transparency or privacy in the most literal sense. By applying a low electrical current via a wall-mounted or remote switch, this glass instantly changes from clear to opaque. Our boardroom room is lined with SwitchGlass – both on the glazing sections and the door – so that we have privacy when needed, without losing sightlines throughout our office. This switchglass is a product of our supply chain partner LT Smart.


    HotLocker Go from Spacestor are easily customisable and fit every office environment.

    HotLocker Go – These Freestanding lockers are the perfect solution for individual storage. We’ve used Spacestor’s customisable lockers to give every one of our employees their own storage and help us keep clear desks to support our strict bookable desk system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Signature Storagewall – Spacestor’s Signature Storagewall is a customisable storage system that is easily modified to fit any space. We used this modular system for storage in our design library.

  • If you’d like to learn more about our new office space and how we’re operating during COVID-19, take a look at the articles below or go to our resources page. For any questions about the products mentioned in this post, you can contact one of our design experts below.

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