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Meet Our Designers - Kasia
  • Meet the Designers – Kasia Ratajszczak

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  • Introducing the designers behind the UK’s award-winning office design company.

    We design without boundaries thanks to our innovative design teams. Our Meet the Designers series introduces six of our designers, giving you a better idea of who they are and how they work. We create spaces that inspire people to do amazing things. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing people that make up our design team.

    Our Creative Director, Nic Pryke, sat down with designer Kasia Ratajszczak, to get to know more about the way she creates. Here are some of her answers:

  • Kasia Ratajszczak

    Kasia studied interior design at Huddersfield and worked in architecture before moving to office design in order to work in a fast-paced creative environment. She is now a lead designer at Oktra, driven by great design.

    “Good design solutions inspire me – when I see that something is working,” she says.

    In fact, Kasia sees design as a solution in and of itself, explaining it as “…creating solutions to problems. It’s a tool for designers to get answers to people’s questions.”

  • DSC9068_4.19.46_PMM1_2640x1980_acf_cropped
  • She elaborates, saying that it’s “…very important to meet the client, meet the people at the company and get their feedback… Then you can use that information to transform the space.”

    Q: At what moment did you know you wanted to be a designer?
    A: “When I realised that I want to help people figure out how certain spaces should work for them. When I saw that I can answer questions and find solutions that some people can’t see.”

    Q: Where is your favourite place in the world?
    A: “Autumn Forest – back in Poland. We call it ‘Polish Golden Autumn’ because the colours of the leaves create a beautiful palate that lasts only for two / three weeks. In this beautiful explosion of colours, I can reset my mind.”

    Q: Tell us about your favourite project – how has the new office inspired your client to do amazing things?
    A: “My favourite project was for a private client, where I had the most freedom on the design. From the beginning, the client was really focused on people’s experience. We installed a lot of greenery including zen gardens and meditation pods. Desks had treadmills, bikes and balance boards near them – we created a cargo net in the middle of the office. At the beginning it felt like an insane idea, but at the end it was people’s favourite space to hang out. Collaborative spaces were divided by movable foam blocks that could create seating spaces as well. In this office we created the perfect balance between work and wellness, which is very important to me as a designer. That is why I enjoyed it so much!”

    Q: What is your greatest achievement?
    A: “I installed the cargo net in the office space.”

    Q: What is something that no one would guess about you?
    A: “I performed in musicals when I was younger.”

    Q: Tell us about what is on your desk.
    A: “There is a coffee and a fresh fruit smoothie in the morning with my list of the daily tasks I need to achieve. Latest CDW catalogue, to have the newest designs and suppliers’ contacts always near me. A plant to get me through a day of staring at the screen. Loads of pens and colour pencils to get ideas quickly on paper. Monitor screens surrounded with fairy lights – you need that one thing that always puts you in a good mood every day!”


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