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  • What is Office Space Rationalisation? 

    Office space rationalisation involves looking at your current office space requirements and aligning them with your overall corporate strategy. In addition to reviewing operating models, this process combines data regarding space use and occupant sentiment to identify existing inefficiencies in the way a space operates. The purpose of this process is to increase efficiencies with purpose-built environments in order to maximise productivity, creativity and profit.

  • The Guide to Space Rationalisation

    The Guide to Space Rationalisation is for businesses that are re-evaluating their space requirements. Whether you’re choosing to update your current space, move to a smaller location or take more space somewhere else, our space rationalisation process is designed to help you navigate change with flexibility and get the most out of your commercial assets.

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  • Your Space Rationalisation Program

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  • Are You Rethinking Your Office Space?

    In our latest video our team of specialists discuss how businesses can re-evaluate their commercial space to increase flexibility and space efficiencies with office space rationalisation.

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  • Client story – Space modification/refurbishment 

    London-based international research data and analytics group YouGov approached us with a need for additional space. They had 27,000 sq ft of London office space and wanted to move to 45,000 sq ft. Our teams went through a workplace consultancy process with them in order to understand how they used their current space, focusing on how much space was being used and at what times of day. This process revealed significant inefficiencies and the resulting space modification and refurbishment allowed YouGov to downsize to 22,000 sq ft, saving £1.2m per year over a new ten-year lease.

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  • Using Space Rationalisation to Optimise Workplace Performance

    A detailed look at the space rationalisation process and its benefits.

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