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    Should you refurbish or relocate your office?

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  • What is Stay vs Go?

    At same point in your workplace journey, you will need to solve the stay vs go debate. Each business will need to approach their property decisions in a unique way to ensure they stay or go for the right reasons. When we talk about stay vs go, what do we actually mean?

    Stay = Office Refurbishment
    The term ‘stay’ in the stay vs go debate refers to when a company decides against relocating because their current space still meets their requirements but wants to refresh and update it.

    Go = Office Relocation
    The term ‘go’ in the stay vs go debate refers to office relocation. If you’ve exhausted all the options in your existing space or your lease is expiring, then it is time to move office.

  • Guide: The Stay vs Go Guide

    It’s time to think about plans for your office space but will you stay or go? Download our guide to learn what factors impact your decision.

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    • Stay vs Go FAQs

    • Arrow Icon Should I relocate or refurbish?

      There is no one size fits all strategy and every approach is different. You will need to weight up all considerations and align these with your objectives in order to achieve the right decision.

      Arrow Icon How much space do I need?

      Space requirements are one of the most important decisions to make in order to make your relocation project successful. Our space calculator can help determine how much space you need.

      Arrow Icon How long in advance do I need to plan my project?

      For an office relocation project over 10,000 sq ft, we recommend planning at least 12 months in advance. For a refurbishment, we recommend 6-14 weeks depending on the size  and complexity of the project.

  • To help tenants navigate the decision of stay or go, we held an online panel discussion with industry experts to understand the key drivers behind making decisions about your office space.

    If you couldn’t join the live panel discussion or would like to listen back to it, you can access an on-demand version of the stay vs go event below.

    Watch now
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  • SkyLobby-111BPR-16-HighRes-aspect-ratio-2640-1980

    Stay: How Much Does an Office Refurbishment Cost in the UK?

    Discover how much it could cost to refurbish your office and how to manage a successful refurbishment.


  • cycling-banner-3840x2160-1-aspect-ratio-2640-1980

    Stay vs Go: Should You Relocate or Refurbish Your Office?

    Lots of factors come into play when faced with the decision to stay or go, but it’s not one-size-fits-all.


  • Trayport-Building-aspect-ratio-2640-1980

    Go: Office Relocation Can Transform Your Business

    Discover how an office relocation can allow businesses to adopt to change and refresh their ways of working.


  • Video: Stay vs Go

    When it’s time to move office, you have to choose whether you stay or go. To help make the decision making process a little easier, Creative Director Sean Espinasse and Development Director Martin Reeves answer questions from our clients. With all the different factors influencing the decision, Sean and Martin give their guidance on stay vs go.

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  • Refurbishing your office

    If you decide to stay in your existing office space you may need to update your workplace. Making changes to your layout, replacing your furniture and creating new spaces may enable you to get more out of your workplace. When you don’t need to move and you have a good deal on your lease, office refurbishment can transform your workplace.


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  • Trainline-23-MidRes-aspect-ratio-2640-1980

    Trainline – Office Refurbishment

    London EC1 / Technology / 55,000 sq ft / 36 weeks


  • Treatt-3-HighRes-aspect-ratio-2640-1980

    Treatt – Office Refurbishment

    Suffolk IP32 / Other / 26,000 sq ft / 14 weeks


  • GardinerTheobald-1-MidRes-aspect-ratio-2640-1980

    Gardiner & Theobald – Office Refurbishment

    London WC1 / Landlord / 45,000 sq ft / 28 weeks


  • Moving to a new office

    Relocating to a new office space may be the perfect opportunity for your business to start afresh. There can be a number of reasons for moving office and when it’s time to go, you may find it easier to implement organisational changes like adopting new ways of working or scaling your space to match growth ambitions.

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  • HerbalHouse-Ad-3-HighRes-v2_3840x2160_acf_cropped-aspect-ratio-2640-1980

    Photobox Group – Office Relocation

    London EC1 / Creative Industries / 37,000 sq ft / 20 weeks


  • RGA-2-HighRes-aspect-ratio-2640-1980

    RGA – Office Relocation

    London EC2 / Financial / 22,000 sq ft / 32 weeks


  • Networx-3-MidRes-aspect-ratio-2640-1980

    Networx for Network Rail – Office Relocation

    London EC4 / Transport / 15,000 sq ft / 11 weeks



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