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  • What is the future workplace?

    The future workplace is not a physical location or singular place. The expectation for the workplace of the future is an environment that supports multifunctionality and allows people to experience work in a more personal way.

    The office and the way we work has undergone a transformational period in recent years and this has mapped the workplace as a dynamic and fluid landscape. Many organisations have taken huge strides to evolve their working practices and the notion of the future workplace is an aspirational destination to ensure regular and meaningful progress in the built environment.

  • The Future Workplace Report

    Our report shares data from 1,000 18-34 year old office workers and offers unique insights into how businesses can design their offices to attract and retain talent in the future.

    Download the report to learn more about the future of office design.

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  • How to Make the Office a High Performance Space

    Online Panel Discussion

    Find out how to optimise your office space to maximise functionality and create a destination that can’t be replicated in a remote location.

    Find Out More
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  • Future-Proofing Your Office Design: Trends and Predictions for 2025

    Discover key findings from The Future Workplace Report that may revolutionise office design in the years ahead.


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  • The Future Workplace Podcast with Gordon Byrne

    Creative Lead Gordon breaks down his thoughts on how the office is evolving to cater for the next generation and the challenges  businesses are currently facing in their battle for talent.


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  • Facepunch Studios Future Workplace

    We designed a future-facing office space for game developers Facepunch Studios to inspire creativity and innovation in the workplace.


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