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  • The future of office design is very much lead by the diverse and continuously changing needs of the twenty first century worker.

    With many of our clients wanting their workspaces to be on the cusp of innovation, we have put together our top predictions of where the workplace of the future might be heading.

    Coworking to coliving

    The rise of coliving spaces will continue to grow, offering a new style of communal living and working targeted specifically at millennials and start-ups.

    In a world where the lines between working and non-working life are becoming ever so blurred, coliving spaces offer an appealing balance. Originating in the USA, this trend was a way for start-ups such as Pure House and Common to tap into a new market. In particular, a market of under thirty-fives seeking a social and convenient flat share that allows individuals to live and work under one roof.


    It is essential to create a flexible working environment that successfully caters to all working styles. People are seeking flexibility and choice on how they work. With the rise of agile working and coworking, more and more businesses will look to embrace this trends even within the traditional workspaces. Break out areas, quite zones, and work booths, provide a change of scenery while simultaneously encourage collaboration and socialising.


    Wellbeing has already become a natural addition to any forward thinking office design. Inspiring to create a happy and healthy workplace improves not only employee wellness, but also efficiency and productivity levels. The work environment is a space that employees spend a significant amount of time in, and it is therefore important to recognise its impact on their wellbeing.

    Homely office design

    Future office design trends will witness an even further increase of elements traditionally associated with the home to appear in the work environment. The popularity of innovative office furniture solutions, breakout areas and café style teapoints reflecting more and more aspects of home interior design will become a predominant part of the modern office.


    Using the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality will become a normal part of day-to-day working life.  In recent years, we have also seen an increase in flexible working made possible through technological advances which allow individuals to work from anywhere.


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