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  • Gardiner & Theobald

    London WC1 / Landlord / 45,000 sq ft / 28 weeks

  • Reactivating workspace

    Gardiner & Theobald asked us to reinterpret the way they used their existing space in order to meet current workplace trends and employee expectations. Our design aims to reactivate underused areas of the office and refresh the overall look and feel to meet their modern-day brand standards. The 45,000 sq ft refurbishment encompasses five floors and was delivered while Gardiner & Theobald continued to work in the building.

  • User experience

    Our client wanted additional solutions for collaborative and focused work within a low-tech space to minimise distractions. The design concepts evolved from workshops in the early phases of the project and focus on functionality and user experience. By utilising the existing architecture, the design reimagines the workplace journey and tells a story as occupants move through the space.

  • Making an entrance

    The double-height arrival space sets the tone for this workplace with its sweeping staircase, bespoke joinery, and sleek design. Hard and soft finishes work together to add tactility to the space, with plush carpets, hardwood floors, fabric panels, and a monolithic reception desk. Here, clients can use the softly furnished waiting area or the more intimate booths before moving through to the five client-facing spaces including a meeting suite, café, business lounge, and courtyard.

  • Brand identity

    The understated, timeless, and premium design speaks to the solidity of their brand and presence in their sector. Natural materials and biophilia reflect Gardiner & Theobald’s sustainable values and promote a calming atmosphere, with earthy tones in the feature tiles and oak units creating consistency across the different floors.


  • Workplace journey

    Moving up the building, the workplace is connected via a series of hubs such as collaboration zones and central refreshment points. Agile working is encouraged by the generous offering of quiet spaces, informal meeting hubs, video conferencing booths and collaborative furniture solutions. The design of the fifth floor is more progressive with hot desking only which will allow Gardiner & Theobald to experiment with new ways of working. By focusing on the employee experience, our client has created a workspace that supports a diverse and inclusive workforce and attracts new talent.


  • Flexible solutions for events

    The multi-functional office can transform into event space for both internal and external events. Folding glass doors open the café to the courtyard with a bar, BBQ and huge hand painted mural for more casual events, while the boardroom spills out into a touchdown business lounge to accommodate guests in a professional setting. Gardiner & Theobald can now proudly host clients in a space that represents the quality of the business and instils confidence.


  • This world-class office space reflects Gardiner & Theobald’s knowledge of the built environment and future-facing approach to business. The refurbishment has been delivered at a time when many of their clients are rethinking their office space and will become a strategic tool for showcasing the benefits of a thoughtfully designed, destination workplace.

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