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  • The Foundations of Luxury Office Design: How to Elevate Your Workspace

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Patrick Isitt
Content Manager
Content specialist in office design and build.
  • Offices are more than just four walls in which to work. The way they’re designed impacts how people feel and perform. For example, adding nature to an office boosts both morale and productivity.

    Beyond that, your office forms part of your brand. When clients, prospects or partners visit your office, they see a reflection of your brand image – good or bad.

    With all that in mind, it’s no surprise that luxury office spaces are on the rise. Who wouldn’t want to give their brand image a luxury tint – and benefit from added productivity in the process?

    Read on as we explore the benefits and core components of luxury office design.

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  • What are the benefits of luxury office design?

    We’ve briefly touched on the benefits of luxury offices above. But it’s worth digging a little deeper to demonstrate just how important this choice could be for your business.

    Above all else, it can reinforce a strong brand image. A luxury office space gives people a unique first impression of your business, highlighting the quality you offer to potential customers or partners.

  • Underlining your brand reputation can help you attract new clients and retain them as time goes on. It also enhances their experience once they’re in the space, making site visits and meetings that bit more positive.

    The same applies to potential employees. Providing a bespoke, comfortable environment for your team is critical to attracting the best talent. It reflects the company culture, which is highly important to people looking for a job. In a Glassdoor survey, 77% of workers said that they would consider a company’s culture when seeking a job.

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  • The core components of luxury office design

    We’ve covered why luxury offices are advantageous for your business. But how do you create them in reality?

    The key is balance. Modern luxury office design must combine quality and aesthetics with functionality.

    Here are five key components of luxury office interior design:

  • 1. Quality materials and textures

    High-quality materials are the cornerstone of luxury office design. The likes of wood, stone and marble are highly durable with timeless elegance. A popular option is to incorporate timber flooring with intricate patterns. Or use marble inlays to add a touch of character to your office space.

    Quality materials can manifest in smaller ways too. Think architectural hardware with exquisite finishes, such as brass door handles or antique bronze trims. These small touches elevate the overall aesthetic and turn mundane features into focal points – showcasing both luxury and attention to detail.

    This London HQ for a cryptocurrency finance house is a great example of how quality materials and textures can elevate a workspace. Natural wood flooring was paired with marble finishes on desks, tabletops and countertops. This is complemented by wood panelling for a modern, natural look, which allows for seamless wall lighting.

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  • 2. Innovative lighting

    While natural materials might have been used through the decades, layered lighting is a feature specific to luxury modern office design. This refers to a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting to create a dynamic and flexible environment.

    Chandeliers, pendant lights or recessed lighting can provide general illumination, while task lighting focuses on work areas to enhance functionality. Elsewhere, accent lighting can highlight architectural features, artwork or design elements, adding depth and drama to the space.

    Lighting was used to great effect for DP World. In particular, LED light wayfinding has been implemented to guide guests around the space. Different parts of the office had their own distinct lighting to separate places like meeting areas, the employee hub and the waiting area.

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  • 3. High-end furniture

    So many office design ideas revolve around furniture choices – with good reason too. It’s vital to choose furniture that’s not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, contributing to the visual narrative within the workspace.

    Focus on craftsmanship and design, with pieces that combine ergonomic comfort with classic or contemporary aesthetics. From desks and chairs to breakout spaces, these choices can transform an office into a sophisticated and inviting space.

    Take a look at the Chrono24 offices, for instance, where zones have been designed for three brands while still keeping the space coherent as a whole. The furniture pieces were acquired through a collaboration with Soho House. Each unique piece reflected the craftsmanship involved in the ‘journey of the watch’. This journey also manifested more literally with a workshop and back-of-house processes housed under the same roof.

    Acoustic treatment is another key consideration. Applied to the walls, these panels absorb and diffuse sound to support productivity and add to the feeling of privacy and exclusivity within your office.

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  • 4. Seamless integration of technology

    A component often overlooked is technology – a must-have for modern luxury office design. Technology should be integrated seamlessly to ensure the workspace is highly functional without compromising on aesthetics.

    Here are some key elements to consider:

    • Smart office systems for lighting and climate control.
    • State-of-the-art conference facilities equipped with video conferencing and digital collaboration tools.
    • Advanced connectivity solutions with superfast or ultrafast broadband throughout the premises.

    The Jet Business’ showroom is the perfect example. As the world’s first and only street-level corporate aviation showroom, they need a space that truly engages their customers. At the heart of this is an impressive AV wall with forty 55-inch screens. It allows them to display the ultimate branded backdrop at all times or showcase product demonstrations such as aeroplane floorplans.

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  • 5. Elevated client experiences

    Design naturally influences how people experience an office space. However, you can go the extra mile with features specifically intended to elevate your clients’ experience.

    Separate client areas are a case in point, creating an exclusive feeling when people visit your office. It gives clients a more refined experience with no need to walk through busy offices – and no need for you to worry about what’s on show.

    Take this global investment firm, for example. Staff and client spaces are purposefully separated with guests welcomed into a sophisticated reception area on the fourth floor. The rest of the floor comprises meeting suites with luxury marble tabletops and natural wood joinery, ensuring every part of their visit creates the right impression.

    This entire part of the office has been designed to embody the company’s brand. It also offers panoramic views of the surrounding Mayfair area, giving clients that added touch of luxury.

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  • Designing a luxury office requires the perfect combination of quality materials, premium furniture, layered lighting and seamless technology. Get it right and you’ll provide the best work environment for your team – not to mention showing visitors your commitment to excellence.

    If you’re ready to embrace luxury office design, speak to the team at Oktra. Our office design experts can help you create a unique, modern and luxurious space that meets the needs of your business.

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