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  • Frontier Economics

    London WC1 / Financial / 27,000 sq ft / 6 weeks

  • Refreshed office layout

    Frontier were looking to refurbish their workplace in preparation for their return to the office. They wanted to refresh all staff-facing areas and create an inspiring work environment that encourages collaboration and social interaction. We reconfigured the office layout to promote connectivity in a hybrid work setting and worked with our client to produce a workspace that is conducive to changes in the way they work after the pandemic.

  • Flexible furniture solutions

    The client’s previous office layout was based on individual desk allocation for all staff and fixed, cellular meeting spaces and they were looking to experiment with a different setup fit for hybrid working with additional collaborative spaces. To create new working areas, we proposed flexible furniture solutions rather than building a fixed interior. This would offer further flexibility to the client if they chose to relocate and reuse their furniture in the future, as well as giving employees the opportunity to configure their workspace around their needs.

  • Introducing agile working

    The existing open plan area was redesigned to become an agile workspace that would inspire interaction between employees. Fixed desks were relocated and replaced with a variety of task-based workstations, from soft seating areas to touchdown desks and high-backed booths. The space is equipped with meeting pods for private calls or virtual meetings and moveable hanging panels in the open space allow for ad-hoc meetings accommodating different sized groups and maximising flexibility.

  • Transforming workplace culture

    Carefully positioned plant features and natural wood shelving form barriers between the breakout spaces, offering privacy to those working in the different seating areas whilst conserving the open plan layout. The variety of space encourages interaction between teams and contributes to creating a cohesive workplace culture. Adorned with vibrant artwork, feature lighting and biophilia, Frontier’s reinvented office is a welcoming, people-centric space that supports agile working and offers flexibility for the future.

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