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  • Private Client

    London WC2A / Landlord / 3,500 sq ft / 7 weeks

  • Envisioned

    This private client came to us with a property in need of a sleek and multi-purpose Cat A+ fit out, as they were still on the look-out for their own future tenant. In consultation with their team, as well as agents representing the desires of prospective tenants, we began working towards a highly flexible, customisable ‘plug and play’ model with a neutral palette, doing so with the aim of empowering the tenant to curate their space with the support of inbuilt design elements.

  • Shaped

    Wanting to emphasise the personalisation capabilities of the space, we worked towards an overall look of industrial refinement. This motivated various choices such as the positioning of the reception desk alongside a neutral concrete wall, in order to allow for future custom signage. Crittall-style glazing offsets the exposed ductwork, softened by the white open plan desking with ply edges. This cool palette is punctuated by bold bursts of colour in the meeting rooms, which bring their own drama to the office environment with fully adjustable, foldable walls.

  • Transformed

    We built in a bright, attractive breakout space next to their terrace, with plenty of natural light, and overlooking the courtyard: the vibrant colours here emerge through distinct choices in furniture and lighting, as well as more domestic elements like the carefully curated displays of books, vases, and paintings geared towards enticing a workforce used to the comforts of home working. We created a practical and elegant space that will invite new tenants in, while leaving them with enough imaginative breathing room to really make the space their own.

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