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  • Cool Earth: Building a Greener Future

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  • Over the past few months at Oktra we have been reconsidering our contribution to carbon and waste emissions as a construction leader. As part of our new ‘green scheme’ Oktra is supporting the charity Cool Earth.

    Cool Earth is a non-profit organisation that works to save the remaining rainforests across all three of the rainforest biomes: the Congo Basin, Amazonia and Oceania. Their approach is unique from other environmental charities, however, as their focus is on people rather than trees.

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  • By partnering with rainforest communities, they strive to improve the quality of life for locals which in turn will help to protect the surrounding environment. Supporting the community gives the local people the control and resources they need to take preventative action against deforestation.

    At Oktra, we are developing the way we consider the environment in our projects, which is why Cool Earth will be such an important factor for this change.

    Through Cool Earth we will save 1 acre of rainforest for each new office that we design and build. In just one year we could protect over 50 acres of rainforest from destructive threats.

    Each acre saved will ensure:
    • 240 trees are protected
    • 24 types of animal are sheltered
    • 22 endangered species are protected
    • 260 tonnes of CO2 are stored
    • 2,960 people are supported
    • 76,000 litres of water are produced annually

    This is a chance for us to conserve and protect other areas of the world that may be affected by construction. We realised that incorporating sustainable measures in our day-to-day office activities is not enough; it’s time to build a greener future.

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