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  • GlobalData’s Patent Analytics database reported that the number of patents granted globally in Q1 2022 represented an 8% year-on-year growth. With the increase in technology and the continued growth of global industries, the expectation is that patent attorneys will continue to grow.

    The talent pool in the legal sector is running low and competition is at an all-time high so legal practices are looking for advantages to help them lure talent into their organisations. Legal companies have already started to address salary rises as part of new strategies to win the war for talent amidst a talent shortage in the sector. While some companies are committing to raising salaries at NQ level, not all are moving towards increasing pay for junior lawyers. To keep pace with the competition and attract top talent into their organisations, investment in the workplace is providing extra value to new candidates.

    The days of private cellular offices and rows of desks are now in the past for many legal firms in the City. Patent attorney firms are leading the way in embracing hybrid working and designing inspiring modern workplaces for their staff. Legal firms are starting to blur the traditional lines, creating environments that celebrate old traditions while embracing new cultures and working patterns. From fully flexible workspaces to tea points and scenic views, here’s a selection of our most impressive patent attorney office designs.

  • Marks & Clerk, London

    The Marks and Clerk office has been designed to promote flexibility and maximise staff mobility. As a leading patent attorney, there is a requirement for multiple workstations that allow staff to retain privacy for focused work. The space still needed to be connected for moments of collaboration and connectivity.

    Away from the main working floor, the front-of-house space also incorporates flexibility so that it can be easily reconfigured. Full-height sliding panels separate the meeting suite, breakout space and reception area but these can be easily transformed to accommodate individual meetings. Meeting space was still a big focus for the office so having an area that could accommodate either a 30+ board meeting, 90+ seated event or a 200+ standing event meant that Marks and Clerk could host different occasions in the office without having to go off-site.

  • Withers & Rogers, London

    Any memorable office needs a statement feature and the Withers and Rogers office in London Bridge does not disappoint with this impressive 360-degree view of the City of London. Situated on the Southbank with views of the river Thames, the office layout has been optimised to maximise this backdrop. With a centrally located social space, desks positioned near the perimeter and a flexible meeting suite, both clients and staff can enjoy the incredible views of the city.

    Many paralegal firms are starting to bridge the gap between hierarchical positions and departments and coupled with their shift to hybrid working, there is a balance throughout this office. To promote this new communal culture, the workspace was opened, cellular spaces were reduced, and more formal, collaborative spaces were introduced. A tea point was also designed at the heart of the office to encourage social interaction.

  • Boult Wade Tennant, London

    Boult Wade Tennant’s new workplace is an impressive, attractive space designed with a unique vision to reflect the history of patency. The workplace was designed with a ‘stained glass’ theme in dedication to the first recorded patent in England and reminiscent of Mondrian’s iconic style.

    This unique design was successfully created via our team, who surveyed samples of printed graphics to develop this aesthetic on the feature wall. Planting and natural light add wellbeing design elements to the space to complement the modern workspace. Bringing these colours into the Boult Wade Tennant office is a way of injecting energy and brightness into the space. The breakout area is designed to encourage community and collaboration with café-style seating which is a modern spin on a more traditional tea point.

  • Cleveland Scott York, London

    Cleveland Scott York’s new office design is a fully flexible legal workplace that embraces hybrid working. Cleveland Scott York re-evaluated their space requirements and repurposed underutilized space to allow for more mobility through the office. The office supports different working patterns, open plan desking accommodates employees while private offices provide the partners and associates with the necessary privacy.

    Illuminated signage greets employees and visitors upon arrival to the reception and welcome area. Touches of the brand’s corporate colours are also carried out throughout the design. This reaffirms the company identity throughout the office to prospective clients and encourages employee loyalty and connectivity to the firm. By considering the needs of office-based and remote work, Cleveland Scott York has ensured its staff have the right facilities to complete focused work, host clients, form connections with colleagues and maintain business continuity.

  • The future of patent attorney office design

    There has been a notable shift in the design of legal offices in recent years with many firms now branching away from the traditional corporate office that has been synonymous with the legal industry in the past. With more companies in the legal sector moving towards more flexibility and away from the standard 9-5, office design has had to adapt to new requirements.

    New trends in how people work will shape patent attorney workplaces and flexibility has become one of the most in-demand features of the office. There is still a need for desks and traditional workstations but there is a move away from the dark wood and private corner offices that have become the stereotype. Patent attorneys have become the leaders in the sector that have adopted bright, modern spaces that are built around flexibility.

  • The Intellectual Property Lookbook

    We have worked with several leading IP law firms to relocate their office by designing innovative new workplaces. For more office inspiration, download our Intellectual Property Lookbook.

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