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  • Coworking spaces are built to drive membership – these inspiring workplaces are backed by visual appeal and the power of amenities.

    Successful coworking spaces stand out – they offer members a unique blend of flexible space, amenities and community. There’s a lot that goes into the design of a great coworking offering and all of it is important. One of the most critical factors is a look and feel designed to attract your target members.

    Whether you’re considering opening a new coworking space, or have already found the perfect building for your upcoming venture, we’ve put together this list of office design ideas to get you from dreaming to doing. Here are some of the most inspiring examples of coworking design.

  • Know your identity

    The identity of your coworking space will set it apart from competitors. Members will be drawn to a space that speaks to their values and projects the same image they wish to emulate. Think about the type of people your space is built for: what do they want? Design your space with your members in mind.

    Each Fora location has its own identity in order to appeal to local London residents. Our design teams turned this one into an architectural hub for professional productivity. The interior features angular lines and spaces to compliment the building’s shape, and modern finishes give the workspace a feel of refined elegance.

  • coworking design tea point
  • A futureproof façade

    Attract new members by selecting a building that makes a statement. Visibility is free advertising and an attractive location is almost always a place people will want to work. From industrial brickwork to slick glass fonts, consider the outer appearance when choosing your building – you’ll want one with curb appeal.

    The once dilapidated 66-67 Newman Street is now a stunning example of the importance of first impressions. We maximised the impact of the beautifully classic exterior with Crittall windows and external rooftop terraces for an elevated feel.

  • NewmanStreet-1-HighRes_2640x1980_acf_cropped
  • Adding greenery

    People love plants. And for good reason too; human beings need a sustained connection with nature in order to perform at our best. Biophilia is one of the central selling points of a green office space, and it’s a powerful resource for coworking spaces – the inclusion of plants in a working environment has been shown to increase productivity by 15%.

    WeWork’s Waterhouse Square location features a stunning central atrium with cascading ivy and a wall of petrified moss. Combined with the natural daylight from the windows, the area’s lively feel makes it the perfect place to get work done.

  • WeWork-2-HighRes_3840x2160_acf_cropped_2640x1980_acf_cropped_2640x1980_acf_cropped_2640x1980_acf_cropped
  • Curated conference rooms

    Your members will undoubtedly use conference rooms to hold meetings with existing and potential clients. These spaces should be dressed to impress, with bespoke finishes and an obvious aesthetic. How creative you get with conference rooms will depend on your target members and the type of work they do.

    With a rustic wooden table and industrial light fixtures, this conference room at Podium Space reflects the high-quality coworking experience members receive at the premium London locations.

  • Clarendon-6-HighRes_2640x1980_acf_cropped
  • Coffee, anyone?

    It’s not just complimentary coffee that’s synonymous with coworking – fruit-infused water, a selection of teas and beer on-tap are all commonalities in the world of flexible workspace. These are the kinds of perks businesses have in their private workspaces, making them a great idea for coworking offices as well.

    The teapoint at WeWork’s Chancery Lane location is fully-equipped with touch screen coffee machines, flavoured water and just about anything else you could want from your kitchen. The space is light and open, an inviting (and central) part of the office’s floorplan.

  • MG_0115_2640x1980_acf_cropped
  • Amenities

    More than just nice to have, amenities are one of the major points of differentiation for coworking spaces. They have evolved way past ping pong tables and beanbag chairs, to include things like full-size movie theatres, personal trainers and restaurants. Like every other aspect of your space, the amenities you choose to include should be influenced by your target members.

    Owned and operated by Ministry of Sound, The Ministry is a workplace for professionals from the entertainment industry. It’s also a coworking space that deliberately mixes business and pleasure, designed to encourage events and gatherings. The Ministry includes sound booths, events space, a cinema, external and internal bars and a fully catered kitchen.

  • office-design-for-ministry-of-sound-7_2640x1980_acf_cropped
  • Featured artwork

    Community is a major USP for coworking facilities. Members sign up because they know they’re getting more than just a space to do their work; they’re gaining entry to a group of diverse professionals. Artwork throughout your space will create an inspiring atmosphere and the perfect backdrop for community-focussed events.

    The Corsham Street WeWork features a hand-painted mural on a central spiral staircase – a visual and architectural focal point that amplifies the colour palette used throughout the space. Internal murals from local artists are a great way to communicate your space’s identity.

  • WeWork-Old-Street-03-highres-sRGB-Copy_2640x1980_acf_cropped
  • Looking for more information on coworking spaces?

    Download our free guide or contact our professional teams to learn more.

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