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  • From rooftop terraces to internal branding and collaborative workspace, here are some of our favourite office design ideas for creative industries.

    A new office is an exciting opportunity and a powerful resource – when designed correctly, it can drive your business strategy by empowering your employees with the tools they need to be successful. A firm understanding of your workplace strategy will help you decide what types of space you need, but how do you define what they look like?

    The look and feel of your workplace say a lot about your company, impacting everything from talent attraction to company culture and team morale. The best way to get inspired is to look at new things (that’s why we visited 5 alternative workspaces before we designed our new office in Clerkenwell). We’ve compiled some of our favourite examples of workspace within creative industries to help you begin to visualise your new space: take a look and get inspired with these office design ideas.

  • Internal branding

    Your workspace is where your business happens. Making your mark with strong internal branding will improve visitor experience and talent attraction. Clients and new talent should feel your brand in every part of your workplace – it’s what makes your company unique.

    Neon signage is a great way to incorporate company logos or mission statements, and doubles as eye-catching contemporary artwork. Artsy have their neon logo on the wall of their London office: the minimal white design perfectly compliments their simple, stylish workplace.

  • Internal branding in office design
  • Collaborative workspace

    Collaboration is one of the best ways to get creative. Providing space for different people to come together is important for every company, regardless of their sector. We find that creative clients have particularly wonderful shared spaces in their offices.

    Depop’s London office is bold, brilliant and set up for creatives. This laid-back collaborative space gives their teams room to think together, and the reclaimed furniture makes the space fashionably eclectic and sustainable.

  • Collaborative workspace design
  • Colourful wayfinding

    Every office has a user journey: wayfinding brings that journey to life. Beyond helping visitors navigate your space, wayfinding is a great way to add stunning visuals throughout your office. From patterned flooring to ceiling sculptures, the possibilities are endless.

    We used colour-coded wayfinding in the head office for Photobox Group, using a different colour for each floor of their new space in London. Formerly a printworks, the building’s creative history is reflected in the CMYK colour story.

  • Colourful workplace design
  • Creative concepts

    Creative themes are a great way to get design concepts flowing. By distilling your company’s culture into core values, you can start to understand the kind of space that will best support your workforce. Whether you want a sleek minimalist environment, or one that feels domestic and comfortable, working from a core creative concept will help you visualise your space.

    M&C Saatchi knew they wanted an office that embodied their philosophy of brutal simplicity. Our teams used a monochromatic palette and high-end finishes to create an interior as sophisticated as the advertising agency.

  • Creative office design concepts
  • Display your work

    You’re proud of what you do – why not show it off? Potential clients will walk through your doors every day. Make sure your work is visible so that it can speak for itself. Awards, testimonials, and product displays make perfect finishing touches for reception areas.

    Critically acclaimed gaming company Ubisoft has a world map and timeline of their success journey in their reception, as well as larger-than-life models of some of their most famous characters.

  • Personalised office design ideas
  • Bold finishes

    Less isn’t always more with finishes. Go big or go home with statement walls that send a message. Bold finishes can instantly shape a work environment, injecting energy into your space. Neon acrylic walls, floor to ceiling artwork and oversized lettering are just a few of the most popular options.

    Our design teams clad a series of meeting rooms in black lettering for media company Creston. The stark contrast packs a visual punch that gives the workspace just the right amount of unapologetic personality.

  • bold office design ideas
  • Complimentary accents

    You don’t need eight-foot tall lettering to make a statement. Colour can bring a space to life all on its own. Strategically placed accent hues are all it takes to create a vibrant workplace. Your design team can help you choose a colour palette that fills your office with the kind of energy you’re looking for.

    Intermusica is an international agency for classical musicians, and their London office has a contemporary creative edge. Pops of bright orange, teal, yellow and green draw the eye through the space in a way that’s dynamic and balanced.

  • 121120189_OKTRAREACH_Intermusica-Artists-Management-Ltd-Ingersoll-House-9-Kingsway_WC2B-6XF-_016_2640x1980_acf_cropped
  • Rooftop social space

    Floor to ceiling continuity is crucial when it comes to great office design, but it doesn’t stop there. Rooftop spaces are great for getting a little extra vitamin D, and function as both work and event space.

    Rooftop terraces like the one at Williams Lea Tag are perfect for informal meetings, a breath of fresh air or Friday drinks. Take advantage of a view if you’ve got one by using plants and outdoor furniture to turn your roof into space for work or relaxation.

  • Rooftop office design
  • Looking to design your next workspace? Contact us – our professional teams are here to help.

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